Need personal legal documents translated for immigration purposes, and don’t know how to start?

Then, you’ve come to the right place!

Naturally, you’ll want your application accepted, first time round — Nobody wants to waste time, money and resources on this process! Before you embark on the process of getting your documents translated and certified, below follows some of the questions you need to get under your belt first:

  • What Is A Certified Japanese Translation?
  • Certified translation – Where do I start?
  • Certified Translation: Is the Statement of Certification signed or stamped?
  • Japanese Certified Translation: Who’s listed on the Statement of Certification?
  • Do I need certified AND notarized Translation?
  • Certified translation: Will my application be approved?
  • Certified Japanese English Translation: Translated but not certified – What do I do?

Contact our Certified Translation Services Japan, Tokyo and we’ll guide you through this process with answers to the Frequently Asked Questions above, and with a personal project manager dedicated to your project only.

The following is a short, but certainly not exclusive, list of personal legal documents:

 Please note that we are a professional Japanese English translation company. We are Certified Japanese Translators; as such, we are not qualified to tell you which documents you need translated & certified. Our golden rule for getting your application accepted, first time round is: Always verify what documents need translating and certifying with the organization that will be evaluating your application.


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