No matter who you are and where you are from, in the present day world, you will surely have a mobile4 phone and the there is a high chance that you use it to play some games or engage yourselves in some other form entertainment. The mobile phone has come a long way from being ordinary instruments that can be used to make a call to some other person. It is now possible for people to do a plethora of things from their mobile phone. The latest fixation of the mobile phone users is gambling through it. If internet has changed the way people perceive casinos and how these game houses run their business the advent of the mobile and the widespread penetration of high-tech mobiles that are always connected to the internet has revolutionised the businesses for these casinos.

5There are many websites that offers the users to gamble from their handheld mobile phones but this is a nice site which offers many bonuses for new members and even gives away free welcome credits that can be used to gamble in the numerous games that are available in it.

Things to check before playing phone bill deposit casino

One might wonder how to dig through the numerous websites that are offering mobile phone bill casinos6 and find the best website. The main task for anyone who is wishing to play these mobile based gambling is to look for the following criteria in the websites before deciding to start playing in that site. Firstly, check if there are any free bonuses in the website if the one that you check has one go for it. Secondly, find out the fee for every trial, if the cost per trial is low you have more chances at winning so choose that website. If you just do these two tests, then the right website is easy to locate for you.

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Poker games are simple to play this game comes under the casino games. More than hundreds of different games one can able to find under this. In online one can able to play this game for free of cost, few sites are specially providing poker game service for the players. Just for the new players instructions and guide option is given this helps you to clear all kind of doubt. Their structure may be simple but the winning amount is more on it. Normally these sites are running with the proper security system so users will not face any threat while playing. Poker game rule may look similar in all the sites but the betting process and log in details vary from site to site.

Enjoy the fastest service

Online sites have no time limitation, so whenever players like the particular game then they can play it without any issue. The online pokies nz has professional team, so user can able to enjoy the fastest response. All kinds of issues will solve in an hour or maximum a day not more than that. Pokies rules are simple to understand even a common people understand it no special talent is required so all age groups can play it without any difficulty. Even if you play often players may not get bored that easily. Each game theme and sounds varies from one to another, winning and losing is totally depends upon the players talent. No one can win by cheating because all the outcomes are based on the statistical data.

Winning real money is possible from free games

In certain games, players can able to win real money without any initial deposit, players should complete the pokies on mentioned time extending time is possible. Players have a full right to enjoy their winning money no tax and other charges are applicable. Winning amount, points and other things stored on your account players have a full right to check other player profile. Every level will be challenging for the players choosing the game mode like easy, medium and difficult help the players. Bonus and points will get double in further level, continuing the same game is not possible after you quit. Click to safe play live casino games.

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The 10 Most Famous Celebrity Gamblers

November 10th, 2016 by admin Posted in Gamblers

Celebrities have it all; the glamour, the celebrity spotlight, the fame and most importantly the money. With so much disposable income, they have the incredible luxury of spending their money on whatever they want, with many now choosing to enter the exciting world of gambling.

The top 10 online casinos are listed here.

Below we share with you the 10 most famous celebrity gamblers in the world!

Michael Jordan

Well it probably comes as no surprise to find that the ex-basketball superstar Michael Jordan has made our top ten list. His notorious gambling habits had got so out of control, that back in 2003 it was widely speculated that his reasons for taking retirement were due to his out of control gambling habits. We are not sure if this is true, but it makes for a good story.

Matt Damon

As a method actor, Matt Damon probably took his role in the film, Rounder’s, a little too seriously. Damon gambled a staggering $25,000 just to gain the experience of playing at a world class poker table. We have no idea if he continued to gamble after this, it probably depended upon how much he won!

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson loves to gamble and she has great fun in doing so. Her favourite gambling habit seems to be that of the friendly slot machines, as she has been snapped several times in various casinos and arcades. However, we have also heard that she is also partial to playing poker.

50 Cent

Well we all know that 50 cent has money to burn and he isn’t afraid to gamble big time, and take his chances. Back in 2012 he reportedly placed a $500,000 bet on an American football match that took place between the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods loves to play and work hard. It’s not just the golf course that Tiger Woods loves to frequent though, as he can often be seen spending his free time in the local casinos. It has been rumoured that Woods will think nothing of gambling away $25,000 on a single bet!

Allen Iverson

Iverson is yet another retired ex basketball player who has made our top ten list. His gambling habits became so out of control, that he was subsequently banned from entering casinos in both Atlantic City and Detroit.

Tobey Maguire

It would appear that actors really do love to gamble and Tobey Maguire is no exception. However, instead of frequenting legal casinos, it has been rumoured that Maguire was recently sued for attending an underground gambling ring.

Ray Romano

Everyone loves Ray Romano and we have all seen at least one of his films. It was also no surprise to learn that he had a gambling addiction, as do so many Hollywood actors. However, he put this negative part of his life to good use and used his experiences for his role as Joe Tranelli, the gambler, in the film, Men of a Certain Age.

Charlie Sheen

So yet another Hollywood big name has made it into our top ten. Charlie Sheen has a history of gambling problems. Denise Richards, his ex wife, publically stated that he had a problem with sports betting and that his weekly gambling habit would cost him around $20,000.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a rarity in Hollywood, as he loves to gamble but seems to be able to be in control of this pastime. His two favourite games happen to be that of poker and blackjack. To showcase his talents for the art of poker, he impressively won the California State Poker Championship back in 2004.

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